I love to shop and gift cards are amazing and always the perfect size.

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American Express
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Feeling Generous?

Gifts and special treats are never expected or required but always appreciated.

I love to travel. Last minute trips get me excited. Any gift that helps me with my frequent trips to the airport would be appreciated. Frequent Flier Miles and Hotel reward points are always welcome. Here is a list of places to feed my Wanderlust

I have recently found an interest in the game of golf. Still learning how to play, I have a full set of clubs and am ready to tee off.

Special events are my absoulte fave! A list of the events I desire to attend can be found here

Flowers are always appreciated as a lady, they brighten my day and give a great boost of energy.

Dinner is the best meal of the day and there are few things more sensual than great food and intellectual conversation. My love for steak and pasta makes dinner divine with me as dessert for a real treat.