Meeting Packages


Meeting Packages are best when scheduled in advance. Same day is available (2-4 hour notice required). Work Trips require 24-48 hour notice.

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Want a visual before our meeting? Skype shows are available click below to purchase my Skype ID.

Want to know where I'll be next? Check out my upcoming Travels

New to Chicago or have no idea what to do on a longer date? Look at me list of Events and Activities and get a discount for booking one.


Business Partner

Break Out Session(1 hour)*
Board Meeting (90 minutes)*
General Body Meeting (2 hours) (preferred for new clients)
Reception (3 hours)
Business Lunch/dinner (4 hours) (Client Favorite)
Networking Event (6 hours)
Summit (8 hours)
Conference (Overnight) (My Favorite)
Exhibition (Full Day 24 hours)
Retreat (two full days)

Meetings 4 hours for longer require time outside the suite. Not sure what we can do on our date? Check out my Events and Activities list for suggestions.

Overnights and longer require 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night

Same day bookings is available locally with advance (2-4 hour) notice. Prescreening is recommended or those with spratic schedules.

*Outcalls less than 2 hours incur a $100 travel fee

~~Add $300 for PSE~~ Tours to greece require 24 hour notice, no exceptions. Same day requests are not available. 


Want to make this a Work Trip? 

Meetup 1-2 hour travel time (2 hour minimum)
Expo 2-4 hour travel time (4 hour minimum)
Workshop 4-6 hours travel time (6 hour minimum)
Seminar 6-8 hours travel time (12 hour minimum)
Convention 10+ hours travel time (Full day booking minimum)

Add $2000 per additional day

* Travel rates are a flat fee & inclusive of transportation &  lodging.*

Click here for a list of the destinations I would love to visit.

**25% deposit required to secure travel dates. **

Deposits can be paid via Amazon gift card, Cash app transfer sent to or or Visa gift card from my Amazon Wishlist 

Outcalls: Please place the unsealed envelope in plain view in the bathroom prior to my arrival.

Incalls: Please place the unsealed envelope on the kitchen table upon arrival and excuse yourself to the restroom to freshen up.

Public: Please have my rate in a book, gift bag or gift card for discretion.

I will never accept my rate directly from you for discretionary reasons. Please do not make me ask you for my rate, it makes the date awkward. 

Cancellation Policy

We all lead busy lives and sometimes our plans don't go according to schedule, if you must cancel our confirmed date please give me at least 24 hour notice. Dates canceled with less than 24 hours notice require a 20% cancellation fee paid via cash app or amazon gift card or another date will not be scheduled.

If a deposit was paid: If  you cancel with more than 3 days notice (or in the unlikely event that I must cancel), your deposit will be refunded in full. Should you need to cancel with 24-48 hour notice, your deposit (less any incurred expenses) will be applied towards a future engagement so long as it occurs within 2 months of the initial cancellation. Cancellations under 24 hours are non-refundable.